ASHI-University FAQs

Thank you for visiting ASHI-University. Please take a moment to review our frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please contact

My ASHI username/password won't work and I know my membership is current.

Your ASHI web site access and ASHI-University access require separate registrations. ASHI-University will use your name and ASHI membership number to verify your active membership. This is how ASHI members can take the quizzes for free.

I had access to ASHI-University and now I can't log in?

A new registration is required for ASHI-University beginning 2012. The ASHI-University system transitioned to a new service provider at the end of the year in 2011. The system received updates during this transition. While most of the updates were reflective in the back-end for functionality, it ultimately resulted in ASHI members gaining the ability to earn free CE credits.

I have registered with ASHI-University but it indicates that I am not a member

Please check the accuracy of your membership number and confirm that the renewal dues were received/applied to your membership

How are the Continuing Education credits calculated?

Contact hour(s) are calculated at (1 hour @ 0.15 CEC). Credits vary per module. Therefore, individuals may receive up to 3.0 hours or 0.45 CECs for a module completed. Certificates will read the number of 'Contact Numbers' and number of 'Continuing Education Credits' and the name of the module.

How many CEUs are the modules worth?

Credits vary per module.

How long does it take to complete a module?

ASHI-University was designed to allow users to learn at their own pace. Module completion time will vary based upon the learner's experience and study skills.

My name does not print correctly on my certificate?

The system pulls information for certificates from the account registration process. The information indicated in the 'Full Name' field is what will be printed. To change this, log into ASHI-University and select 'My Account' from the side bar navigation options. Your member profile will be displayed. Select 'Edit' just above the profile information to make changes. Select 'Change' at the bottom of the profile information to complete the change

Can I see the history of quizzes taken?

To view quizzes you have taken and the scores, log into ASHI-University and select 'My Certificates' to display the history.

Can I reprint my certificates?

To re-print certificates, log into ASHI-University, select 'My Certificates' from the side bar navigation options on the left side of the page. This will display the history of quizzes taken. Select 'view' to display the certificate. According to your computer settings, you may print this certificate or save it as a pdf.

Does ASHI-University submit my credits on my behalf?

It is up to the individual to submit the certificates to the proper agency/organization.

I have a need for a module topic but don't see it listed. Who can I send the suggestion for a module topic to?

Please submit topic ideas to