Welcome to ASHI University!

As part of our mission, ASHI strives to be foremost authority and leading educational resource in immunogenetics and histocompatibility. The ASHI University (ASHI-U) Curriculum will be a valuable resource to technicians, technologists, directors, clinicians, coordinators and educators.

As a Society, we embrace the opportunity to provide education to our members. Non- members may also access ASHI U and gain credits for a nominal fee.

Students of ASHI-U will be able to:

  • Have access to a broad range of topics in histocompatibility and immunogenetics, irrespective of the size of their own laboratory.
  • Learn from text, PowerPoint and video based media.
  • Obtain CME/CEU credits for their participation.
  • In addition, students who are ASHI members may participate fully in the educational process by writing or reviewing content for ASHI-U as a volunteer also.

Our goal is to provide web-based learning with the following


  1. Provide participants with comprehensive updates on a variety of topics related to the fields of immunogenetics, immunology, histocompatibility and transplantation, genomics, and pharmacogenetics, including new ways of using typing for HLA and immune system genes for matching and for understanding human population history.
  2. Provide participants with new approaches to getting more people transplanted.
  3. Provide participants with knowledge to be able to more critically assess various aspects of laboratory testing, including detection of clinically relevant antibodies, methods for HLA and non-HLA typing, crossmatching techniques, fragment based testing, analyzing test results and troubleshooting.

The ASHI-U website for web based learning has been newly redesigned. Along with the new website, we have newly designed modules.

In Volumes I, II and III of ASHI-U, our "classic" or legacy ASHI modules are now being reformatted and provided with a new ASHI Procedure Manual Chapter for each module. All new ASHI-U modules are being written with a Procedure Manual Chapter as well. Our goal is to eventually update the whole ASHI procedure manual as a web based resource, with each chapter associated with an ASHI-U web module.

In addition, Volume IV offers many other web- based learning opportunities, to enhance your educational experience.

For Volumes I, II and III - each new or updated chapter will consist of the following four sections:

  1. Text document, to compliment PowerPoint and/or video
  2. PowerPoint presentation (and possibly video)
  3. Quiz
  4. ASHI Procedure Manual Chapter
Our Mission

The American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics is an international society of professionals dedicated to advancing the science, education and application of immunogenetics and transplant immunology.

Our Vision

ASHI is the foremost authority and leading educational resource in immunogenetics and histocompatibility.

Our vision is to improve the quality of human life and health through the translation and implementation of scientific innovations to clinical practice.